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Why Wear Organic Underwear?

5 Reasons on why you want to keep your SACRED SPACE Organic

[dropcaps style=”square”]A [/dropcaps] s yogi’s it is important for us to practice mindfulness on and off of the mat. ORGANIC COTTON is the most breathable and absorbant of fabrics. Choosing to wear organic undergarments while you practice, sleep, and live your busy life is another way that you can maintain optimal heath. Here are the TOP 5 reasons to choose organic:

1. Prevent unwanted BACTERIA from growing.

2. Prevent increase in unwanted YEAST production.

3. Allow OXYGEN to flow to your sacred space keeping it FRESH.

4. Let SWEAT and TOXINS be absorbed into the fabric and not back into YOU.

5. Save the ENVIRONMENT by choosing a non-synthetic product.

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