Spicy Thai Coconut Soup

While in Thailand this last February I could not get enough of the delicious coconut soups so I decided to bring Thailand into my kitchen and yours! Lately, it has been rainy and I have been craving a great spicy Thai style soup. The combination of ginger and lemongrass is great for digestion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Serves 2-3 Cook Time: 30min Ingredients  1 Can Coconut Milk 2 Cups Vegetable Stock 1 Tablespoon Thai Curry Paste 1 Tablespoon Fresh Minced Ginger 1/2 White Onion Diced 1/2 Clove of Minced Garlic 1 Red Pepper Thinly Sliced 1 Block of Firm USDA Organic Tofu 1 Stalk of Lemongrass (5”+ ) Chopped into 1/2” Portions 1 Cup of sliced Mushrooms 1 Cup Organic Frozen Edamame 1/2 Cup Cilantro 2 Tablespoons Lime Juice 1 Teaspoon Salt 100g Vermicelli rice noodles for garnish (optional) Directions  Thaw edamame in the sink with warm water while you dice and chop onion, garlic, mushrooms, lemongrass  tofu and red pepper. In a large saucepan or wok, brown the garlic and the onions in the bottom of the pan with a little olive oil on medium heat for 5min. Add the can of coconut milk and vegetable stock to the pan and cook on medium high heat for 5 minutes. Add in the curry paste, salt, lemongrass, ginger and lime juice to the pot and stir until sauce is fully mixed in. Finally add in the tofu, mushrooms, edamame and red pepper. Cook for 5-10min on medium high heat or until lightly cooked. Heat the tofu while still ensuring that the peppers to be a bit crispy. Lastly, garnish with cilantro and rice noodles. Season with additional salt, curry paste and lime juice to taste. A great pair for this soup is with brown rice. It takes about 45min to cook brown rice on the stove so make sure to start the rice before beginning to cook the soup. Enjoy this tasty Thai treat! Photo Credit and Inspiration: Kelly Mulcair from Inspired Edibles