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Jennifer specializes in a variety of semi-private and group classes. The descriptions below elaborate on pace, difficulty, and style of yoga allowing each group find a perfect class match.

Vinyasa Yoga

Linking breath with movement allows the practitioner to move and flow though a dynamic series at a steady meditative pace. Students will first focus on alignment in static posture and then focus on flow using the breath to transition from asana to asana. This is an inspiring and challenging class for beginners and advanced students alike.

Yoga for Athletes

Strength and flexibility go hand in hand. As an athlete, peak performance results from a  balanced body.  Focusing on functional and dynamic flexibility, this inspiring upbeat class flows through postures that serve a strong athletes’ physique.  Props and blocks are used to support correct alignment and safety. No yoga experience is necessary for this class. Benefits of yoga for athletes:
  • cross-training
  • injury prevention
  • decrease recovery time
  • peace of mind

 Power Yoga

This fun fluid and fast paced yoga class is designed to unite movement and breath in a creative and challenging series. The focus of this sweaty class is  to be conscious and consistently fluid while maintaining consistent breath through various postures followed by a short meditation. Previous yoga experience is recommended for this class due to its dynamic nature and pace.


Inspired by ancient martial arts, this class combines the architecture of Hatha yoga and the circular nature of martial arts in one integrated expression. This very dynamic  and meditative class challenges the practitioner to be fully expressive and  move fluidly though circular transitions.  Previous yoga experience is recommended but not necessary for this class.

Yoga Basics

Breaking down basic posture and breathing in a non-threatning and safe environment cultivates a foundation for success. This slower paced and challenging class is ideal for new students or practitioners who are interested in learning more about alignment. This is a fun and informative exploration of yoga and is recommended for all practitioners.

Restorative Yoga

Recharge and renew through restorative yoga. This relaxing class focuses on conserving and cultivating energy. Poses are passively held for long periods with aid of bolsters blocks and straps. Light  pranayama breath technique is used to reduce stress and release tension in the body. No yoga experience is necessary to enjoy this rejuvenating class.

Class Length Options

  • 60min
  • 75min
  • 90min


Class pricing is determined by number of students, frequency, location, class length and advance payment options.

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