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Need a Yoga Mentor?

a Program for 200hr TT Graduates 


Are you a 200+ hour yoga teacher and looking to grow your yoga business and don’t know exactly what is holding you back from having a successful career?


 Do you want to manifest more abundance for your teaching?  


Ready to expand and evolve your teaching beyond group classes but don’t know how to attract a consistent stream of private clients?  

Ready to help facilitate true shifts in your student’s lives and challenge yourself to teach more authentically in line with your true purpose?


 Want to know how to get better quality clients and keep them?


  How to efficiently run your business and stop playing it small?


 How to move beyond the politics of studio favorites for prime time slots and still create a big following?


 How to use other tools/products in addition to yoga to effectively run your business and create residual income?


 How to dial in your social media and create a professional, lead generating profile?  


How to maximize the time in a day so you can have a bigger impact, make more, and work less. 


 If you said YES! To any of these questions, the working with Jenn might be for you.

You will learn how to take your yoga business to the next level.

You will finally be able to make the impact you want and feel excited and abundant instead of exhausted and broke. 

I have learned to make my yoga business more efficient and scale up to over 6 figures from private lessons alone.


In this private yoga teacher training certification, you will learn skills and tools to manifest and keep private students on a regular basis and how to start earning residual income. 


Join Miami’s most successful private yoga teacher and Yoga Journal cover model, Jennifer Pansa, as she teaches you exclusive secrets of how to create more impact when you teach yoga and take your business from a part-time job to a professional career.  


This program is application ONLY and only select individuals will be accepted into the program to maximize results. 

In order to apply, please schedule a call to see if you are a good fit for the program.

'I still remember the day I tried out for ansa yoga, and I was so nervous the whole time! After I finished, I remember so clearly, when she said YES! That moment was a moment that defined all of the following moments— a pivotal point in my life that set me on a trajectory that was in total alignment with my life path. Since the first time I saw her, Jennifer had inspired me to be my best self and to reach for my dreams. Now upon joining her team, I was able to receive a solid foundation of support and education that propelled me into the next level of my blooming business. Jennifer is a seasoned teacher (of private yoga especially, which is a super bonus), and she is also a beautiful human being who lives what she teaches. Throughout the years I have known her, being in her presence and receiving all that she so generously provides to help her fellow teachers succeed has been a great support for me along my journey. Now, looking back over 2.5 years, I can sincerely say that Jennifer understands the private yoga teaching business better than anyone else I have met, and the stand she takes for empowerment, truth and acting from a place of vision is the secret sauce that will take anyone with the drive and passion to the next level— to creating their dream into reality. Now, I own a successful business, where I teach groups of people in corporate America and also successful business professionals one-on-one through a program I created called Mindful Performance™. Yoga is one of the integral tools of the program, and it stems from my experience teaching all of the one-on-one sessions for so long with Jennifer’s team and ultimately fully under my own brand. Jennifer, thank you for who you are in the world. Thanks in part to you, my dream is here, manifesting in reality, and my heart is full. If you, too, want to take yourself to the next level in your private yoga teaching business, I recommend Jennifer Pansa’s program 100%. Prepare to be transformed!!' - Jeska Brodbeck

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Jeska Brodbeck

Founder Mindful Performance™

Jennifer's Private Yoga Teacher Training program was simply profound. I've been a private Yoga for Athletes teacher and personal trainer for nine years now, and throughout my trainings, one of the key aspects I've always looked for and have failed to find, was someone guiding the teachers out there on how to change and shift their entire perspective from a public studio group class to a private session. My business is and always has been predominantly private sessions, and the horror stories I hear from client's past experiences with other teachers is quite frankly embarrassing. Most teacher trainings teach you how to plan for group studio classes, but Jennifer guides you on how to approach a private session; what to listen for when assessing, how to look and act professionally, how to sequence and progress, how to maintain long-term client relationships and where and how to get your first client. Jennifer has a powerful way with words and intention. You'll walk feeling empowered to charge your business and serve others at your highest. At the end of the day, that's what we, yoga teachers, are supposed to do. And Jenn gives you the tools to able to navigate confidently.

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Amanda Mestre

Private Yoga Teacher

I'm so grateful to Jenn for creating a powerful and efficient Private Yoga Teacher Training. When I graduated with my 200HR TT I was a bartender and I really wanted to offer yoga to people who were intimidated and/or had injuries- which make group classes unapproachable. Jenn taught me to lead with professionalism from preparedness, timelines, pricing to rules for cancelations and everything in between. She gave me tools to create energetic boundaries between myself and my students. We learned how to create special sequences for our students specific needs and desires. I created goals for how many new clients I wanted within the first weeks and months and I met those goals with confidence. With this jump start I didn't have to go through a severe learning curve. I bypassed many awkward situations and continue to proudly build my private yoga business. I am now a mother and I am so thankful I have the flexibility of private yoga VS working on a studio schedule. I would highly recommend this Private Yoga Teacher Training, in just a short amount of time I created my own special niche in the teaching world.

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Danielle Bigby

Private Yoga Teacher

Schedule a call with Jenn to see if the program is a fit for you!

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