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HeliPad Yoga with Elena Brower

Flyer Ever done yoga on a HeliPad? It’s NYC’s most innovative yoga event to-date! 

Take flight on Sunday, September 20th for Sound Off™ HeliPad Yoga! Guided by the unique combo of NYC’s finest — Elena Brower paired with the Miami spice of Jennifer Pansa — this playful and slightly irreverent yoga class will transport you to another dimension.
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At the Downtown Manhattan HeliPad, this special event is to the tune of motivating beats and soothing sounds by the infamous DJ Tasha Blank and Sound Off™ Resident DJ Panic broadcast through Sound Off™ noise-isolating GLO EXP headphones. Your flight preparation is ancient wisdom whispered in your ear as the sun melts into the water overlooking views of the Brooklyn Bridge. All yoga practitioners and curious souls are welcome…
Pre-flight checklist:
1) Reserve your space online before class
2) Share this event with a friend (you’ll be handsomely rewarded)
3) Sink into your yoga mat
4) Fasten your seatbelt
5) Take off with us on a sonic journey that will take your yoga practice to new heights…
Please remember to bring your yoga mat for this class, and that check in will begin promptly at 6:00PM