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Why DoTERRA Essential Oils?

I choose to use DoTERRA essential oils because they are safer, cheaper and more effective than synthetic or chemical alternatives for healing ourselves and for products in our homes.


I believe that nature is the best way for us to balance and connect to our authentic selves.


I believe in using the best products that are creating the biggest positive global impact. DoTERRA is the leader in the essential oils industry due to their standards of purity and testing (CPTG ) and commitment to fair wages and opportunity for our global community. 


I have had incredible results and impact for myself, my family, and my yoga students. Becuase of this, educating in a grassroots way is one of my main passions. I love to explain how to use oils to live a more natural life. 


DoTERRA’s commitment to empowering wellness advocates with self-development tools and financial freedom is incredibly inspiring. I am proud to be on the leadership team, guiding new advocates on a passionate and authentic path of business excellence. 


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