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Why DoTERRA Essential Oils?

We are in a reality of real disease in this country. We spend $6.5 trillion dollars a year on healthcare. That is more than any other country in the world per capita, and our life expectancy is declining. We are the only first world nation experiencing this problem.   I want to share with you the story of how I got started truly learning about the power of oils and why you should care too. Before, I had just used oils aromatically in my yoga classes and more because I thought that they smelled good! I would just by whatever cheap oil at the checkout at Whole Foods or Cvs until I learned more. Then, about two years ago I had my wisdom teeth removed (which really sucks when you are 30) and I ended up getting a dry socket. I was in sooo much pain literally searching for anything that would make the feeling of someone stabbing me in the face go away! Well, I just so happened to come across a blog that suggested I use DoTERRA essential oils. Luckily I had the oil at the house when I needed them at 2 am, clove!  I followed the directions on the blog and within 20 min my pain was almost 100% gone. I was thrilled! What was even more surprising was that when I went to the dentist office on Monday (because these things ALWAYS happen on a weekend) the dentist told me I was smart for using the clove oil and told me that what they use in the office is just the FDA approved, synthetic version of clove essential oil.  Is it jsut me, or is that shocking to anyone else?   This BLEW my mind.     I thought, what other things are just the FAKE version of what comes from nature?    Why would I want to use the synthetic when I can use the real deal?   As a leader in health and wellness, I thought to myself, is teaching the physical practice of yoga alone enough to create a true impact on how we live? I would see some of my students have an amazing yoga practice, and go immediately and unconsciously back into the world of toxic processed food, toxic household items, toxic mindsets and in general unconscious living with not enough tools to help them use the awareness of the practice to help them change. I would mention tips here and there about how to live more consciously when I could, but let’s face it, a 75min class isn’t enough time to address what it means to LIVE a conscious lifestyle.    Doing yoga poses isn’t enough.  I think…. Who are the people that are going to change this broken system?    Who is going to educate people on the choices they have every moment to live in a higher vibration?    Who is going to step up and take a look at how to live more consciously and in alignment with our highest vibration.    I am. We are.    This is why I partnered with doTERRA and am so passionately educating others on the miracles that live in each and every bottle.    We can easily contribute to this grassroots movement that is educating people on safer, cheaper and more effective options.    You can use these oils as a tool, at any moment, to shift, whenever you feel off, angry, bloated, sad, sick, anxious, tired, unbalanced, sore, hurt, broken, or disconnected.  Use them in combination with your healing breath and healing movement every day, and I promise your life and health will be elevated to a level you never even knew was possible.    

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Want to learn more about oils?

1. Join the Welcome to Essential Oils Facebook Group and follow @theoilgram  2. Schedule a Complementary Oils Consultation. We will go over your health and wellness goals. You can ask all of your questions!   I will recommend the oils that are best for you and tell you how to get them into your home. There is no obligation to purchase oils on the consult. The purpose of the call is education and purchase is available.

Order Essential Oils

Congratulations! You have just made a LIFE CHANGING DECISION! The best way to incorporate doTERRA essential oils into your home is to purchase a wholesale membership with me. You will receive 25% off all doTERRA products for a year plus tons of education and personalized support from yours truly.   There are two ways to get started with a wholesale membership: 1) Pay the annual $35 membership fee (just like a Costco membership), and add oils a la carte to your order. 2) Purchase an enrollment kit and the $35 fee is waived. The basic oils are bundled together to give you BELOW wholesale prices. This is the most economical way to start because you get 35-50% off retail price! The most popular kits are the Natural Solutions Kit ($550) and the Home Essentials Kit ($275).   You might be thinking this seems kind of “pricey” but let me show you that most of the oils are just pennies per drop.  Each of the 15ml bottles of oils has 250 drops per bottle.   Lemon = $0.04 Lavender = $0.08  Peppermint = $0.08 Oregano = $0.10 Frankincense = $0.28 Melaleuca = $0.08 On Guard = $0.13 Deep Blue = $0.38 DigestZen = $0.12 Breathe = $0.08   You can avoid multiple doctors office visits per year with these oils and gain thousands of happier moments.    How much is that worth?     1. Click on the “Order Now Button” 2. Click the top tab “Become a Member” 3. Select “Wholesale Customer” or “Wellness Advocate” 4. Fill out the information  5. Make sure you see me Jennifer Pansa as your Wellness Advocate ID #2623839 6. Get excited because your oils will be to you in 3-5 days!  7. Be on the lookout for an e-mail from me with additional education materials including the link to our exclusive oiler Facebook communtiy,  personalized Q&A consultation,  and a special gift!   


Is it an annual membership fee? The second years’ membership fee is charged when you order (not automatically), the following year and is discounted to $25 with a free gifted peppermint oil.   Is there a monthly ordering commitment? No, there is no monthly commitment. If you ARE wanting to place an order each month, there is an optional Loyalty Rewards Program you can subscribe to in order to get frequent customer points to put towards future product purchases. To opt into the Loyalty Rewards Program, it’s free to participate and free to cancel, (without a penalty fee).   Do you have to sell oils when you become a customer? No, most people that order d?TERRA essential oils are customers. When you decide later on you want to share the message of health and wellness, you can become a Wellness Advocate. Simply contact me when your friends and family want to buy the oils.  Is buying oils on Amazon dangerous? Yes. It is not recommended to buy oils from any company outside of d?TERRA because there is no guarantee the oils have not been tampered with or diluted. The most important part of getting the oils is learning how to use them. Amazon will not teach you a personalized routine. Is it actually safe to ingest essential oils? Research suggests we can safely ingest some CPTG essential oils. Make sure to read the label on how to use internally. There are over 6 million d?TERRA customers taking oils internally, and they are living a more natural and healthy lifestyle, feeling amazing. I am one of them. More than 100,000 people go to the ER every year for overdosing on Advil and many of them are fatal occurrences.   

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Share the Mission and Launch your Business

  Not only will these oils change your physical and emotional health, they can heal your trust issues and allow you to receive true abundance from the universe.    Last year, I stopped trading my time for money and playing small. This was getting me nowhere and leaving me unfulfilled when all the hours in the day were full with nowhere else to grow. My dream is making a REAL difference on this planet.    I watched my friend go from folding pants at Lululemon to making a massive impact to thousands of homes, making more than 6 figures and supporting an orphanage in the developing world.    DoTERRA is now considered the same as Apple or Google in the early days growing into a much bigger market day by day. Essential oils are the future of health. In 10 years the brand will be recognized like Kleenex. People will be asking “do you have some DoTERRA?” People will buy oils. The question is who will they buy from?  What I can do alone is not enough. Community is everything. When we teach each other what is possible, the impossible becomes reality. Our doTERRA team has hand nurtured almost 1,000 homes with these incredible remedies in under two years. This is far more than I could have ever done alone.  Through doTERRA I have the ability to be home with my family (start a family) and travel the world without having to stress about having to work a certain number of hours. With my work, each day I live with purpose and I leave an incredible legacy with the way I live.  This journey is about coming home to yourself and to your true potential one drop at a time.     Be what you are meant to be.    Let’s rise together.   I will lead the way.    Schedule a call with me to see if our dreams align. 

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