How do you use Essential Oils?

  1. Aromatically in a diffuser to boost mood and clean the air

  2. Topically on the body in the area/location of the issue diluted with a carrier oil

  3. Internally per the directions on the back of the bottle

Why dōTERRA?

There are a lot of brands out there to choose from and it can be overwhelming as a consumer. After doing a TON of research myself this is what I found and why I love dōTERRA.

  • Third party testing of the oils and transparency of those reports

  • Co-impact sourcing - sustainable and ethical business practices

  • Option for internal use due to the quality and purity

What are the most popular oils?

  • Lemon - for daily detox

  • Lavender - for calming

  • Peppermint - for energy & focus

  • Frankincense - for everything!

  • Tea Tree - for skin irritations and germs

  • Oregano - for big guns immune boost

  • On Guard - for daily immune boost

  • Breathe - for opening air pathways

  • Deep Blue - for sore muscles and joints

  • DigestZen - for healthy belly

How do you Purchase doTERRA oils?

The best way to get started with essential oils is to get a starter kit of the basic 10 oils which will give you a foundation for healthy living.

The basic oils are like the salt, pepper, garlic of spices. You want to have them accessible in your home because you will use these the most. Some you will use daily and some you will have in your medicine cabinet for “just in case”.


When you purchase a basic oil kit you

become part of our essential oil community

and will have access to

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Invitation to community oil events in your area

  • 30min post purchase consultation

  • ongoing support on how to use your oils




 Get In Touch

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Book an Appointment

I offer complementary discovery calls for individuals that need a little extra help getting started with oils. I am so passionate about giving every home the opportunity to be educated on oils that I donate my time. On the 30min call, we will go over your health goals and I will explain the best oils to get you started and how to use them. Of course, if you want to purchase the oils I will help you to do that and if not, that is okay too!