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Join this creative collaboration of community for an exploration of the senses. We will enjoy an incredible flowing yoga class to the sound of live jazz and the aroma of calming essential oils. Ignite your sense of taste as Love Life Cafe treats you to an incredible meal to please all of your taste buds.

Make sure to register online.

Single ticket $58

Two tickets $90 


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Join Miami-based yoga teacher, Jennifer Pansa, on this incredible and unique experience with SoundOff Denver for the first ever SenseTrek a journey into your senses. Experience each moment completely on an evolution of SoundTrek® Yoga. We will use wireless headphones with specific sound vibrations to align each of the chakras, aromatherapy of essential oils to ignite the sense of smell, and the class will conclude with a binaural beats meditation to help you resonate with the natural vibration of the earth.
Space Gallery
400 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204
6:30-7:30pm The class is by donation! Make sure your reserve your space!
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Playa Manzanillo Nicaragua

November 2-6th 2016

Please join us in this unique and unforgettable wellness experience at one of the most beautiful five-star resorts in the world.  Hidden away on the private seashore of Nicaragua’s Guacalito de la Isla, Mukul Resort is a place we just couldn’t keep to ourselves.

An average stay at Mukul is an experience of a lifetime. From the relaxing sounds of crashing waves from your private pool outside your Bohio to the decadent six experiential spa treatment rooms to the PGA-caliber 18-hole golf course, this is a resort not to be missed.

We’re expanding on this incredible place by creating a tailor-made experiential wellness trip that includes daily yoga in the cliffside pavilion and Qi Gong on the beach. We’ll have a sacred fire, an acupuncture and sound bath meditation, and plenty of unstructured time so you can relax and rediscover the best parts of you.

-Jennifer Pansa and Jim Rohr

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yoga at WWY April 5th 6-9pm at the Wynwood Yard Join us for SoundTrek Wellness, an evening of holistic healing with essential oils and a yoga flow with wireless SoundOff™ headphones. 6:30-7:30pm Essential Oils 101 Interested in learning how to eliminate harmful synthetics from your everyday life? Join Colorado Yogi Audra Robinson for an hour devoted to education on learn how to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine to promote a healthy immune system and to live a more non-toxic lifestyle! IMG_4202 (null) 7:30-8:45pm Clear Focus SoundTrek Then, Claire Santos and Jennifer Pansa will lead the group through yoga. Clear Focus is a class where intensity builds throughout the class with the breath, total body integration and functional flexibility. Balance is achieved through deep introspection, visualization and relaxation to fuel your life. The class flows to a curated mix by SoundOff™ DJs.  This class is open to yogis and non-yogis alike. Check in begins at 6pm Please bring your own mat! 12764385_966858186733125_647364959068961081_o (1)

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Thursday Dec 3rd from 7-10PM
The Wynwood Yard
Celebrate Art Basel with Basel Fit.
This groundbreaking event will combine fitness, food, music, art and incredible people!
~Bring your own mat~
Doors open 7pm
SoundTrek Yoga ™ 7:30-8:45pm
SoundOff ™ 5k Run 7:30-8:30pm
Food/Live Music/Art 9-12am
Presented by:
SoundOff ™ Experience
SoundTrek Yoga ™
Ansa yoga™
The Wynwood Yard
Prism Music Group
Ginnny Bakes
About SoundTrek Yoga
Led by Miami’s Jennifer Pansa, SoundTrek Yoga is an innovative yoga journey conducted with Sound Off noise isolating GLO EXP headphones which receive an immersive mix of soothing and motivating beats curated by DJ Karri Om. Class will take place during sunset, and as darkness sets in, the headphones light up and glow, painting an unforgettably futuristic scene. The flow is challenging and slightly irreverent while still playing tribute to ancient yoga lineage.
About Sound Off 5K
This event utilizes Sound Off wireless headphone technology to create a unique group running experience . Runners will run in sync to carefully curated beats to ensure they are maximize their stride, while a running coach is able to motivate runners along the way.
** Upon arrival please be prepared to exchange a photo ID or credit card for your headphone. It will be returned to you upon returning your headset. **
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Flyer Ever done yoga on a HeliPad? It’s NYC’s most innovative yoga event to-date! 
Take flight on Sunday, September 20th for Sound Off™ HeliPad Yoga! Guided by the unique combo of NYC’s finest — Elena Brower paired with the Miami spice of Jennifer Pansa — this playful and slightly irreverent yoga class will transport you to another dimension.
  helipad elena jenn nyc rooftop helipad
     group shot headphones
At the Downtown Manhattan HeliPad, this special event is to the tune of motivating beats and soothing sounds by the infamous DJ Tasha Blank and Sound Off™ Resident DJ Panic broadcast through Sound Off™ noise-isolating GLO EXP headphones. Your flight preparation is ancient wisdom whispered in your ear as the sun melts into the water overlooking views of the Brooklyn Bridge. All yoga practitioners and curious souls are welcome…
Pre-flight checklist:
1) Reserve your space online before class
2) Share this event with a friend (you’ll be handsomely rewarded)
3) Sink into your yoga mat
4) Fasten your seatbelt
5) Take off with us on a sonic journey that will take your yoga practice to new heights…
Please remember to bring your yoga mat for this class, and that check in will begin promptly at 6:00PM

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How to sharpen your private yoga teaching skills and take your yoga business to the next level.

Ready to expand and evolve your teaching beyond group classes?
Do you want manifest more abundance for your teaching?
Want to know how to grow lasting meaningful business relationships?
Ready to help facilitate true shifts in your students lives and challenge yourself as a teacher?
In traditional India, yoga is taught to students on an individual basis, not in group settings the way that we know yoga today in the west. The great masters and gurus understand that we all evolve at different levels and our physical bodies are not all alike. Each student most effectively learns from specific attention and care. Join Miami’s most successful private yoga teacher and Yoga Journal cover model, Jennifer Pansa, as she teaches you exclusive secrets of how to create more impact when you teach yoga and take your business from a part time job to a professional career. The most efficient way to grow a students’ practice as well as progress as a yoga teacher is through perfecting the one on one. In this workshop you will learn skills and tools to manifest and keep private students on a regular basis. The Ansa Yoga Level -1 PYT program combines the tools and knowledge of today with the intention and format of traditional India.
Using the Ansa Yoga mobile studio system Recipe for attracting the private student Knowing the private student clientele Where and how to market yourself as a private teacher Beginner/inflexible/overweight sequencing and teaching skills McKenzie Theory and yoga for spinal pain with Dr. Yoav Suprun Injury modification sequence guide The best adjustments for private yoga How to keep a student engaged for the long term Life Coaching Skills Understanding chakras and energy work Personal Development Skills The business of personal yoga

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