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dottera2 Recently, I started using essential oils more seriously in my yoga practice and my life. I believe that nature is the best medicine and so many of our common ailments can be solved or prevented through healthy habits such as eating healthy, exercising, and reducing toxic load.   I love them so much that I have started incorporating them into my business. I’m sharing my journey with weekly classes on how to use essential oils in your life and my story about how I used them when I got my wisdom teeth out and when I got stung by a jellyfish! Are you open to non-toxic wellness in your life? Are you looking for ways to reduce your toxic load? Have you heard of essential oils or have some of your own and want to learn more? Please subscribe and send me an email and I can invite you to the next local or online upcoming event where I can answer your questions and give you specific oil advice for your personal needs. -Jenn   essential oils and medical flowers herbs

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yoga at WWY April 5th 6-9pm at the Wynwood Yard Join us for SoundTrek Wellness, an evening of holistic healing with essential oils and a yoga flow with wireless SoundOff™ headphones. 6:30-7:30pm Essential Oils 101 Interested in learning how to eliminate harmful synthetics from your everyday life? Join Colorado Yogi Audra Robinson for an hour devoted to education on learn how to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine to promote a healthy immune system and to live a more non-toxic lifestyle! IMG_4202 (null) 7:30-8:45pm Clear Focus SoundTrek Then, Claire Santos and Jennifer Pansa will lead the group through yoga. Clear Focus is a class where intensity builds throughout the class with the breath, total body integration and functional flexibility. Balance is achieved through deep introspection, visualization and relaxation to fuel your life. The class flows to a curated mix by SoundOff™ DJs.  This class is open to yogis and non-yogis alike. Check in begins at 6pm Please bring your own mat! 12764385_966858186733125_647364959068961081_o (1)

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Love Yo-Slef First

Join Jennifer Pansa of Ansa Yoga and Skin by Tatum in this unique event that will celebrate love for yo-selfie, inside and out. Enjoy an upbeat and multi-level Ansa Yoga Flow class followed by light healthy snacks and a sneak peak of Skin by Tatum’s new location and natural skin services. You will leave glowing! Literally. Please BYO mat.
Space is limited so please rsvp to
Friday Feb 13th 6-7pm Skin by Tatum 1819 West Ave Miami Beach Fl 33137

Art, Events, Green Living, Workshops, Workshops/Events, Yoga
Join me for an amazing event in coordination with the Arts and Entertainment District of Miami! The new Firehouse lofts in Wynwood are the new hot spot in Miami and before they break ground on the next new building Canvas we will enjoy class outside on the beautiful lawn.  BYO Yoga Mat 🙂 This fun flowing and class will be accompanied by one of Miami’s finest DJ’s DAN.K. After class we will enjoy juice samples by Juice Lab and snacks by KIND. Please RSVP your spot to yogaonthelawn

Art, Events, Green Living, Life, Vegan, Workshops, Workshops/Events, Yoga
image finAL sponsors 4x6_YJA If you are a yoga, jazz, or art aficionado, or simply curious, you want to come to this once in a lifetime event. Whether you want to come to Jennifer Pansa’s yoga class, enjoy live jazz, or simply enjoy an amazing wildlife photography exhibition by former race car driver, Mario Haberfield, this will satisfy all your taste buds. Right at the heart of downtown, Jennifer Pansa, yoga teacher who made the cover of world famous magazine Yoga Journal, will be leading a fun-flowing yoga class with a live jazz performance by 1st place winner jazz vocalist of the Miami Beach Jazz Festival, Jahzel Dotel. She will be accompanied by the captivating live performance of Austrian-born pianist and composer Markus Gottschlich and Latin Grammy winner and Venezuelan bass player Rodner Padilla. Attire is your finest Yoga clothing Yoga & Jazz  7-8PM Art & more Jazz 8-9pm Please bring your own yoga mat! Snacks and refreshments will be served after class. [button size=’medium’ color=” background_color=” border_color=” font_size=” line_height=” font_style=’normal’ font_weight=’500′ text=’REGISTER NOW’ link=’’ target=”]

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As we all know, food and nutrition is just as important as exercise in living healthy. Students often ask me what I eat for breakfast and to share some of my go-to  yummy recipes. I recently came up with this idea and now it is one of my staples for breakfast. It is so simple and delicious. It will take you 5 min to make and provide you with the energy and nutrients your body needs in order to jump start your day.


  •  1 Bananna
  • 1 Cup Baby Spinach
  • 3/4 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1 Scoop GREEN Superfood
  • Ice
I prefer to use Green Superfood by Amazing Grass – for this recipe I uses the lemongrass pineapple flavor. You can purchase it at Whole Foods or on the Amazing Grass web stie. Add the smoothie ingredients to the blender and blend until creamy. Add additional water or almond milk as needed if there is trouble blending. My favorite all-time smoothie blender is the Nutribullet. It is so easy to clean and  it is designed so that you can drink the smoothie right out of the blender. Happy blending!

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5 Reasons on why you want to keep your SACRED SPACE Organic

[dropcaps style=”square”]A [/dropcaps] s yogi’s it is important for us to practice mindfulness on and off of the mat. ORGANIC COTTON is the most breathable and absorbant of fabrics. Choosing to wear organic undergarments while you practice, sleep, and live your busy life is another way that you can maintain optimal heath. Here are the TOP 5 reasons to choose organic:

1. Prevent unwanted BACTERIA from growing.

2. Prevent increase in unwanted YEAST production.

3. Allow OXYGEN to flow to your sacred space keeping it FRESH.

4. Let SWEAT and TOXINS be absorbed into the fabric and not back into YOU.

5. Save the ENVIRONMENT by choosing a non-synthetic product.

Our friends at YOGiiZA, Organic Clothing for Organic People, have extended a 10% discount to YOU. Simply add jenniferpansa to the promo code when you check out. For more information on organic cotton or to purchase organic undies… Yogiiza Promo crop

Green Living, Healthy Lifestyle Choice, Healthy Tip Tuesday

You can use coconut oil for….what? Yes… even that.

Almost everything! You can eat it, you can wear it, you can use it, and you can lube with it. Coconut is one of the most simple and amazing gifts from nature. Here are my top 5 favorite uses of coconut oil that have revolutionized my life for the better.

1. Cooking

Use coconut oil instead of olive oil or butter.Coconut has a higher burn temperature than olive oil. It is great for stir-fry vegetables or when cooking on high heat. My favorite is coconut curried vegetables.

2. As eye makeup remover

Simply use coconut oil on a cotton pad instead of chemical filled eye makeup remover. The antioxidant rich oil will even soften wrinkles overnight. It hydrates the skin for that healthy sexy glow.

 3. To lose weight

Adding a tablespoon of raw coconut oil to into a meal a day can help speed up the metabolism and increase weight loss. Coconut oil is high in healthy saturated fats and filled with vital vitamins and minerals. Substituting coconut oil for other fats increases weight loss. My favorite is to add coconut oil to my oatmeal for breakfast.

 4. Lotion for body or massage oil

Feeling dry? Coconut oil is perfect for any areas of dry skin on the body, especially the elbows and the knees. Giving a juicy massage with coconut oil is fantastic. The sensual smell and touch might even lead you to a deeper romantic encounter with your lover! The low melt temperature turns the coconut oil from a paste to an oil when it touches the body.

 5. Natural conditioner for split ends

Go to the beach often? I find that my hair can get very dry. Before I head out into the sun I will add a little coconut oil to the tips of my hair to protect it from the ocean and harsh sun. If that isn’t enough uses for you please check out this article by Wellness Mama where there are 101 Uses for Coconut Oil.   Also, if you want to know the scientific reasons behind coconut oil, check out this amazing article as well.
28 Science-Verified Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
As always, choose organic whenever possible! Thanks for reading! Enjoy your coconut.