Why Essential Oils?


We are in a real crisis of disease.

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$6.5 trillion dollars a year is spent on healthcare.

That is more than any other country in the world per capita, and our life expectancy is declining.

Kids are being prescribed drugs before they are being prescribed exercise and sunshine.

We are the only first world nation experiencing this problem on this scale.

I want to share with you the story of how I got started truly learning about the power of oils and why you should care too.

Before, I had just used oils aromatically in my yoga classes and more because I thought that they smelled good! I would just by whatever cheap oil at the checkout at Whole Foods or Cvs until I learned more.

Then, about two years ago I had my wisdom teeth removed (which really sucks when you are 30) and I ended up getting a dry socket. I was in sooo much pain literally searching for anything that would make the feeling of someone stabbing me in the face and wouldn’t go away!

Well, I just so happened to come across a blog that suggested I use essential oils. Luckily I had the oil at the house when I needed them at 2 am!  I followed the directions on the blog and within 20 min my pain was almost 100% gone.

I was thrilled!

What was even more surprising was that when I went to the dentist office on Monday (because these things ALWAYS happen on a weekend), the dentist told me I was smart for using the essential oil and told me that what they use in the office is just the FDA approved, synthetic version of clove essential oil. 

Is it just me, or is that shocking to anyone else?  

This BLEW my mind.    

I thought, what other things are just the FAKE version of what comes from nature?   

Why would I want to use the synthetic when I can use the real deal?  

As a leader in health and wellness, I thought to myself, is teaching the physical practice of yoga alone enough to create a true impact on how we live?

I see some of my students have an amazing yoga practice, and go immediately and unconsciously back into the world of toxic processed food, toxic household items, toxic mindsets and in general unconscious living with not enough tools to help them use the awareness of the practice to help them change.

I would mention tips here and there about how to live more consciously when I could, but let’s face it, a 75min class isn’t enough time to address what it means to LIVE a conscious lifestyle.  

Doing yoga poses isn’t enough. 

I think…. Who are the people that are going to change this broken system?   

Who is going to educate people on the choices they have every moment to live in a higher vibration?   

Who is going to step up and take a look at how to live more consciously and in alignment with our highest vibration. 

I am.

We are. 

How can essential oils impact your health and your life?

Join me to learn more about about how essential oils and how they can change your life.

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