Cleanse and Restore


Do you feel any of the following symptoms?

Fatigue irritability, drained or depressed, poor memory, headache, stressed, skin problems, PMS, persistent digestive issues like heartburn, indigestion, bloating, gas, constipation, or you have joint pain, nasal congestion, recurrent sore throats, cough or sinus infections? 

I was feeling like crap two years ago. I was super bloated, gaining weight, slow digestion, feeling sluggish and off in my energy. I was taking naps and waking up groggy and I couldn’t shake it no matter what I was eating or how much yoga or exercise.

My friend recommended I try this reset and it was a total 180 for me. It set my year off on the right foot and I felt amazing! I got my gut health back on track and I started feeling like me again, only better!

Ready for a reset in 2019? 

This was so impactful on me that I decided to team up with a panel of incredible wellness experts through a 30day cleanse which will reset, rebalance, and reprogram your body, mind, and soul. I will be leading yoga and meditation throughout the journey via our exclusive FB group.

The dōTERRA cleanse and restore supplement program is a combination of vitamins, herbs, and essential oils designed from top holistic doctors and experts. This 30-day program is split into segments, ten days of kidney/liver detox, ten days of GI cleanse, and ten days of cellular restoration and rebalancing.

In addition to the physical supplements, we will focus on wellness education for living balanced in mind, body, and spirit with

  • Daily Cleanse & Restore Supplements 

  • Dietary guidelines and healthy recipes 

  • Daily habits & DIY with essential oils 

  • Cultivating a healthy mindset around food 

  • Physical fitness workouts + yoga

  • Mindfulness and mediation 

  • A deeper understanding of the vital organs (Visceral Manipulation) 

  • Body Talk 

  • MAT Therapy

Meet our panel experts: 
Audra Robinson - doTERRA Blue Diamond 
Jennifer Pansa - Yoga /Mindfulness Teacher
Jim Rohr LAC & Author
Megan Newmans - Integrative Nutrition + Fitness 
Jill Deneau-  Holistic/ Functional Medicine Health Coach + Reflexologist 
Missy Albrecht DPT, CSCS 
Deb Hellman - MAT Therapy 
Clara Wisner - Lifestyle Coach 
Monika Arenas  RD/N CPT 
Allison Jenetopulous - Master crafter & DIY Expert 
Nina Zevallos - Fitness Expert 
Maina Campos - Body Talk 
Alina Flor- Yoga Teacher 
Jessica Aloha - Yoga Teacher 

This program is accessible whenever you feel ready to get started.

Book a complementary intro session with Jenn to make sure that the program is a good fit for you.