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Expert yoga and wellness guide Jennifer Pansa brings a decade worth of experience to her offerings. Her yoga courses range from private, one-on-one sessions, to large-scale community and corporate classes, often at innovative locations such as helipads, skyline patios, and ocean-view cliffside pavilions and interesting elements such as live jazz and aromatherapy.   She is more than just a physical movement teacher, but rather encourages people to go deeper, into authentic self-expression and a profound connection with oneself and nature. It is her passion to help her students see the wisdom of yoga that extends past the physical body and into daily life where the lasting changes matter most. She is a DoTerra Essential Oils wellness leader and educator and is extremely passionate about living yoga off the mat and using tools like essential oils to instantly make a choice to choose lightness over disease.     Originally from Colorado, Jennifer is currently based out of Miami FL. She teaches private events, corporate events, retreats and workshops at luxury spas, fitness facilities, and resorts including Exhale Spa in the EPIC, The Standard Hotel, EAU Spa and Acqualina Resort & Spa. Jennifer has taught at Richards Branson’s Necker Island and is currently hosting private retreats at Mukul Resort in Nicaragua. She is the Fitbit ambassador for Miami. Jennifer was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, and her articles have been featured in THRIVE magazine, Disfunksion magazine, Forbes mag and Jennifer pioneered the use of wireless LED headphones in Miami and created the first Helipad yoga event in NYCs Pier 6, co-teaching with Elena Brower. Her clients include professional athletes who play/ed for the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Boston Red Sox, Miami Dolphins, and TV actors from Burn Notice, Graceland and Game of Thrones. Jennifer loves to connect. You can find her on Instagram @jenniferpansa, Facebook, or contact her. If you would like to book Jennifer for a specific event please click here.

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Jenn exudes a natural confidence and connects with people effortlessly. Her demeanor and good nature pull people in. She also has a soothing, meditative tonal quality to her voice that helps me stay present.

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Jennifer’s classes are challenging, have the perfect amount of spirituality and positive vibes, she's good at correcting you and helping you grow in your yoga practice. What I love most is that she makes me sweat, disconnect and relax at the same time.

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Jennifer Pansa is awesome, she makes you sweat, she's beautiful, and inspiring and gives you the right amount of encouragement to take with you post class. I love her gentle positive vibe, and recommend her even to people that are yoga skeptics!

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Jenn will change your life. She guides you with a focus on having a strong mental presence and learning to go inward to connect with your own intuition.

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Corporate Partners

Jennifer loves partnering with brands that are aligned with the same values and mission of health and wellness and is proud to work with the best brands in yoga and healthy living. She works with brands for events, social media features, contests, and giveaways. If your brand is like-minded and would like to inquire about a collaborate with Jennifer please send an email here (link to contact page). Here are some of our current and past partners.

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  • Mukul Resort

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