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Art of the One on One

Ansa Yoga Level One Personal Yoga Training (PYT) Certification

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Phone: (305)917-5886

-How to sharpen your private yoga teaching skills and take your yoga business to the next level.

    • Ready to expand and evolve your teaching beyond group classes?


    • Do you want manifest more abundance for your teaching?


    • Want to know how to grow lasting meaningful business relationships?


    • Ready to help facilitate true shifts in your students lives and challenge yourself as a teacher?


In traditional India, yoga is taught to students on an individual basis, not in group settings the way that we know yoga today in the west. The great masters and gurus understand that we all evolve at different levels and our physical bodies are not all alike. Each student most effectively learns from specific attention and care.

Join Miami’s most successful private yoga teacher and Yoga Journal cover model, Jennifer Pansa, as she teaches you exclusive secrets of how to create more impact when you teach yoga and take your business from a part time job to a professional career.

The most efficient way to grow a students’ practice as well as progress as a yoga teacher is through perfecting the one on one. In this workshop you will learn skills and tools to manifest and keep private students on a regular basis. The Ansa Yoga Level -1 PYT program combines the tools and knowledge of today with the intention and format of traditional India.

    • Using the Ansa Yoga mobile studio system

    • Recipe for attracting the private student

    • Knowing the private student clientele

    • Where and how to market yourself as a private teacher

    • Beginner/inflexible/overweight sequencing and teaching skills

    • McKenzie Theory and yoga for spinal pain with Dr. Yoav Suprun

    • Injury modification sequence guide

    • The best adjustments for private yoga

    • How to keep a student engaged for the long term

    • Life Coaching Skills

    • Understanding chakras and energy work

    • Personal Development Skills

    • The business of personal yoga

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