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Expert yoga and wellness guide Jennifer Pansa brings a decade worth of experience to her teachings. Her courses range from private, one-on-one sessions, to large-scale community and corporate classes, often at innovative locations such as helipads, skyline patios, and ocean-view cliffside pavilions. In each class she encourages authentic self-expression and a profound connection with oneself and nature. It is her passion to help her students see the wisdom of yoga that extends past the physical body and into daily life where the lasting changes matter most. 

Jennifer’s extensive background is in Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Therapeutic yoga, and Budokon yoga. Her unique style infuses the traditional yoga elements with progressive movement and thought, making her an innovator in the industry. She creates unconventional access to yoga with her Private Yoga Teacher (PYT) Training Certification and creative events. Jennifer pioneered the use of wireless LED headphones in Miami and created the first outdoor yoga event in NYC’s Pier 6 Helipad, co-teaching with Elena Brower.

Originally from Colorado, Jennifer is currently based out of Miami. She teaches at luxury spas, fitness facilities, and resorts including Exhale Spa in the EPIC, The Standard Hotel,  EAU Spa and the 5-star Acqualina Resort & Spa.  Jennifer has taught at Richard’s Branson’s Necker Island and is currently hosting retreats at Mukul Resort in Nicaragua.

Jennifer was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, and her articles have been featured in THRIVE magazine, Disfunksion magazine and Her clients include professional athletes and TV actors from Burn Notice, Graceland and Game of Thrones.

Jennifer loves to connect. You can find her on Instagram @jenniferpansa, Facebook, or connect directly with her via her website

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