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3 Steps to Ultimate Happiness

Do you find that you sometimes see the worst-case scenario flashing before your eyes? Do you find your mind overworking something that has not even happened yet, causing you stress? Do you sometimes replay scenarios in your mind and wish that they had played out differently? Do you feel tension or anxiety in your body in these moments? Well, the good news is that you are not alone. We all share this common experience of fear of the future and regret of the past that causes us tension in the body and causes the spirt to be in a state of unrest, or dis-ease. This state of unhappiness is the root of disease and weakness.  Happiness is contingent upon presence. Presence is contingent on awareness. Awareness is contingent upon conscious Choice. In order to step into complete freedom and happiness we must apply discipline and practice. Here are the three steps that I have been finding to be the most effective:

1. Determine the TRUTH

When we are unhappy often it is because we have determined and believe that something WILL happen in the future that might not be true. The most famous line is BUT WHAT IF?!?! There are as many “what if’s” as there are stars in the sky. The first and most important step is to ask yourself, is this statement true? Certainly  it is possible but it is not true because it has not happened. These negative thoughts come from a space of F.E.A.R, “False Events Appearing Real.” The truth is there are a lot of possible outcomes that can occur that are out of our control. Why waste time being attached to the fear of something that might not even happen?  2. Step into PRESENCE How do we let go of this false and fear based belief and thought process? We come into presence. We observe what IS happening right now and release anything else. We deliberately choose to be aware of TRUTH. Also, we step into a space of GRATITUDE. I find the most effective ways to release are through the breath, through meditation, mantra, with with yoga asana, or any physical exercise done with intention.  Presence is bliss. Trust in this bliss and the abundance of love.  3. Let go of ATTACHMENTS  When we shed ourselves of FEAR and step into a space of TRUST and LOVE, we can experience true happiness. This can only be done when we are free from expectations of the future and we let go of the attachment to the possible outcomes, both positive or negative. Our emotional attachment to the POSSIBLE sets us up for disappointment and FEAR. When we are clear and content in the present, seeing and observing many possible outcomes, with attachment to none, we are free from the chains. We can safely move, ebb and flow, connect, and rise.  UNLIMITED HAPPINESS = PRACTICE + PATIENCE + DISCIPLINE Keep the hard work and have fun! When you catch yourself going down the rabbit hole of the “what if’s”, laugh, realizing the TRUTH, connect to the PRESENT, and let go of CONTROL and attachment to the future outcome. Please feel free to let me know how this process is going for you!  NAMASTE