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Essential Oils
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Please join our team of oil experts as they share their passion on how to experience the powerful positive effects of essential oils in easy to make crafts to reduce toxicity, enhance personal health, and empower yourself with natural solutions.

 You will learn their favorite essential oil tips on how to:

– reduce anxiety/regulate mood 

– improve sleep habits/patterns

– boost the immune system

– regulate hormones and metabolism

– choose natural over synthetic medicine

Learn and experience and the great benefits of aromatic, topical and internal uses of conventional essential. We will discuss the general know-how of essential oils, where they come from, different qualities of essential oils, essential oil safety, and the most useful oils to reduce toxicity.

Get ready to enhance your knowledge base as you learn the power of plant medicine with DoTERRA essential oils! Our passion is to provide helpful tools that create lasting results for you to cultivate the best, balanced, and authentic expression of your mind/body/spirit on and off of your yoga mat.

How we feel is a result of what we think, say and do. Think, say, and do in an expression that is a reflection of the TRUE YOU!” 

****Space is limited so if you RSVP please make sure that you show up**** 

Class will take place in the garden area at the long picnic tables.