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Have a group of friends ready to go on vacation but don’t want to throw away your healthy lifestyle?

Do you want to escape to one of the most exclusive and exotic private resorts in the world?

Do you want to do yoga overlooking the pacific ocean on a cliffside pavilion every day?

Now you can!

I am now hosting private retreats at Mukul Resort in Nicaragua !

Send me an email with your preferred dates and the number of guests and we can get a specific quote for your group.

This is ideal for a family reunion,

high school/college reunion,

bachelorette party,

birthday party,

or mom’s get away retreat!

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dottera2 Recently, I started using essential oils more seriously in my yoga practice and my life. I believe that nature is the best medicine and so many of our common ailments can be solved or prevented through healthy habits such as eating healthy, exercising, and reducing toxic load.   I love them so much that I have started incorporating them into my business. I’m sharing my journey with weekly classes on how to use essential oils in your life and my story about how I used them when I got my wisdom teeth out and when I got stung by a jellyfish! Are you open to non-toxic wellness in your life? Are you looking for ways to reduce your toxic load? Have you heard of essential oils or have some of your own and want to learn more? Please subscribe and send me an email and I can invite you to the next local or online upcoming event where I can answer your questions and give you specific oil advice for your personal needs. -Jenn   essential oils and medical flowers herbs